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The Holy Quran is the heavenly book and the Holy Quran is a great book that guides all human beings. The people of the time of the revelation of the Qur’an did not know how to read and write, so when the Holy Qur’an was revealed to the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, people used to memorize it.

Memorizing the Qur’an was very important at that time and is still very important. Memorizing the Qur’an is not a common thing, but emphasis is placed on memorizing the Qur’an. Allah has taken the responsibility of protecting the Quran. As it is in the Qur’an, “Indeed We have sent down this Dhikr of the Qur’an and We are its protectors.” And indeed, whoever has the Holy Qur’an in his heart, whoever memorizes the Holy Qur’an, Allah will protect him. is, saves him from the colors of the world and makes him his buyer. On this Shia online Quran Hifz Course website, you can learn and memorize the Quran well. Our Online organization also provides its services to kids and adults in the USA, UK, and all over the world.

What does memorizing the Qur’an mean?

Memorizing means committing to memory, and learning by heart. Memorizing the Qur’an means memorizing the Qur’an completely in all its aspects. Hafiz is the title of a person who memorizes the Quran.

7 Outstanding Rewards of Shia Online Quran Memorization Course

When a person memorizes the Qur’an, he/she gets many benefits. The seven delightful rewards are as follows:

  • Hafiz Quran is protected by angels and God takes it under his protection.
  • A Hafiz receives many rewards from Allah.
  • Whoever memorizes the Qur’an and practices it, Allah will reward him and honor him, and he will progress to a level equal to what he has memorized from the Book of Allah.
  • Enjoy a good reputation in the Muslim community.
  • Hafiz can recite the Quran anytime and anywhere.
  • Prevent diseases.
  • Training the mind.

Importance of Shia  Quran Memorization Online

We are all Muslims and followers of Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them). We all know the importance of the Quran. Being a Muslim requires that we understand and read the Book of Allah and the Book revealed to the Messenger of Allah, the Qur’an, which is the Book of Guidance. In his last sermon, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) clearly explained the importance of the Qur’an for Muslims. This sermon supports learning and memorizing the Quran.

  • I am leaving two things between you, one of them is the Qur’an, the Book of Allah, and the other is the Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them).
  • “If you people hold on to it, you will never go astray, and if you turn away from it, you will go astray.”

Learning and Teaching the Qur’an from the Prophet’s Perspective:

Memorization is an extraordinary act, according to a saying, the best is to learn and teach the Qur’an. As people know the one who learns and teaches the Quran has a great place in Islam and the Quran. Hafiz’s importance is clear and his position is very high in the sight of Allah and His Messenger. It is clear as day that a good person learns the Quran and teaches it to others, so our expert teachers will play an important role in making their students memorize the Quran perfectly.

Is it necessary to understand the Qur’an to memorize it?

This means that if you want to use something, you have to identify it. You can’t use something until you identify it. If you want to use the Qur’an, you must first understand the Qur’an. When something makes sense, it becomes easier to remember. The Quran is a book of guidance. You cannot be guided, so to memorize the Quran we must first understand the Quran.

Global  Online Shia Quran Memorization Services

As the name suggests, Global Shia Online Quran Memorization Services. This facility is for Muslims all over the world so that they can easily memorize the Quran sitting at home and make full use of the Quran. You can get all the facilities for reading and memorizing the Quran at home, no matter where you belong.

Shia Quran Memorization for Kids:

It is very easy for children to memorize the Quran because they do not memorize anything. Children have a blank mind, so what they put in their minds, they immediately remember. Memorizing the Quran is very useful for children. In our institution, children are made to memorize the entire Quran so that they never forget it. And live your private life under the bright principles of the Quran.

Shia Quran Memorization for Adults:

People in non-Muslim countries want to learn the Quran. But there are no institutions for learning the Quran and no expert teachers who can teach them the Quran properly and memorize it. So our organization provides these services online which you can avail from the comfort of your home.

Reasonable Fees for Shia Online Quran Memorization:

Many people want to read and memorize the Quran but many other institutes charge more but do not provide my education. But you will have to pay a reasonable amount to enroll in all the courses at our institution. Along with this, you can also get the best education. We also provide Shia Quran Memorization in the USA, UK, Canada Germony and all over the World

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