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All About Shia Quran Online

We welcome all our students to benefit from this Quranic center. The main objective of establishing this institution is to establish Islamic values which have been abandoned in today’s era. We want to lead our nation on the path of Islam by imparting Islamic education to our students. If today’s generation gets acquainted with Islam,…

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Welcome to Shia Online Quran Center

Shia Online Quran Center

Shia Online Quran Center provides Online Quran Education all over the World. Therefore our Shia Quran Academy Online hires well-educated Instructors for their students. So the Shia Quran Madarsa creates the best familiarity with the Holy book. Muslims all over the World can learn the holy book through our Shia Quran Learning Center. Learn the best knowledge of the holy book in our Online Quran Institute.

Introduction to Quran

Quran Pak was revealed to Prophet Muhammad in the bless month of Ramadan. As you know this holy book was completed in 23 years gradually. This is our last book. Now no other divine scripture will reveal. and now there is no need for any other divine book because there is complete guidance for every era.

Surahs of the Quran

In terms of Islamic law, Surah means “Chapter”. Surahs separate the different subjects of our holy Scripture. There are a total of 144 Surahs in the Holy book, of which the largest Surah is “Surah Baqarah” and the shortest Surah is “Surah Kauthar”.”. Surah Yasin is called the heart of the Quran. Surah Rahman is called the bride of the Quran.

Verses of Quran

According to Shariah, the meaning of Ayat is “sign”. Verses are also counted as chapters which together form a surah. Verses are considered chapters because a book can be written in the depth of each verse. Bismillah is also considered as verses, according to some scholars, Bismillah is only for the beginning, therefore, if Bismillah is counted, the total number of verses in the holy Scripture is 6348, and if Bismillah is left out, then the total number of verses is 6236 verses.

The Rukus of the Quran

There are a total of 558 Ruku in the holy book. But there is no permanent meaning of these Quranic Ruku. Ruku comes after the meaning of the verses is over. A bright example is the Ruku of the first 7 verses of the Quran, where the Ruku is placed after the end of the praise of God and the beginning of the praise of our holy Scripture.

Surahs revealed in Mecca

Makkah surahs are said to be the surahs that were revealed when the Prophet was living in Mecca. Mecca is the holy city of Saudi Arabia, where Prophet Muhammad was born. Their total number is 86. The Meccan Surahs were revealed inĀ  13 years.

Surahs revealed in Madinah

Madani surahs are those surahs that were revealed when Hazrat Muhammad migrated to Madinah. Muddanah is the city where the Prophet migrated after being fed up with the atrocities of the infidels of Makkah. There are a total of 28 Madani Surahs in our holy Scripture. The Madani Surahs were revealed in 10 years.

The difference found in the Quran and other divine books

Before the Havenly book, 3 heavenly books were revealed but could not be protected from distortion. The people of this period accepted their favorite commands from it and changed the disliked things according to their liking. Apart from this, the rest of the heavenly books only had the absolute guidance of this era and specific topics were described in these books. Still, our holy Scripture is a comprehensive book that guides every era and every matter.

Get the best familiarity with the Quran

To derive guidance from the Heavenly Book, complete familiarity with it is necessary. Therefore a person unfamiliar with the holy book cannot take guidance from the holy Scripture at all. But if you are completely familiar with the heavenly guide book it will be easy to apply its commandments in your life. Therefore, man must be well aware of the purpose of his creation. And it is the book that makes man familiar with his creation. Online Shia Quran Academy will create the spirit of holy book knowledge in you and your children.

Worldwide services of Shia Online Quran Center

Shia Quran Learning Center offers its best services to all Muslims, whether they live in Islamic countries or the UK, America, Canada, Germany, Australia, and other Western countries. Shia Quran Madrasah provides its services online worldwide. Therefore now every Muslim, whether he lives in any corner of the world, can get Islamic teachings..

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