Shia Quran Academy

Terms of Services

Terms of Services

Our Terms of Services for Online Quran Teaching

Shia Quran Online tells all parents and students that they can get their money back in full if they join our services, sign up for regular classes, and pay the required monthly fee. Still, they can’t start classes for any reason. But once class days and times are set and students start their online lessons, they won’t be able to get a refund for the current month, in whole or in part.

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Trial Classes and Registration

Fill out the form for FREE trial classes if you want to learn Quran online or wish to use any other online Islamic service. You will never be able to take online Quran classes if you don’t fill out that form. If the FREE trials go well, you can decide whether to keep taking Quran classes with Shia Quran Online.

Once you take Quran classes every week at Shia Quran Online, you must fill out the registration form and include all the necessary information. If you don’t fill out the registration form, Shia Quran Online won’t count you as an online Quran student.

Terms and Conditions for Quran Classes Fees

If a student needs to miss a class, they must let their teacher know 5 hours in advance through Skype, Zoom, or email. If a student is absent from any class due to his/her own problem, we’re not bound to arrange their classes.

If a student misses more than 5 days of class, they will be suspended. Because our online Quran teachers have full schedules and can’t fit in classes. If the students don’t tell the teacher or administrator. 

From the Shia Quran Online side, Eid holidays are paid time off. And there is no way to get a refund or get the class. Because the only time our Quran teachers get time off is for Eid. If parents or students tell the teacher or Admin ahead of time, students can avail classes for classes they missed, but they won’t get a refund.

Shia Quran Online can cancel their classes if a student doesn’t show up to class for more than 10 days without warning. Your classes will be set up with any available teacher, whether the same teacher or a different one.

Our policies say that Shia Quran Online can change teachers anytime to ensure they are getting the best possible training. Because we teach the Quran well and prefer to do so. We will find new tutor to teach the Quran if, after the teacher leaves or is fired, the students are not allowed to keep in touch with anyone. Because Shia Quran Online won’t be responsible for any damage or loss caused by such contacts in the future.