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Learn Urdu

Do you know Urdu is now one of the most common worldwide languages? That means a lot of people around the world speak and understand Urdu. So how can we not listen to most people? So taking into account the interests of most Muslims, we have to offer a course on translating the Quran into Urdu. 

The Quran is the Holy Book that tells us what Allah, the most powerful being in the universe, wants us to do with our lives. In Al Quran, each word means something. So we must read the Holy Quran with Translation to learn and understand what Allah is saying in Quran Verses. You can now join Shia Quran Online to learn Quran Translation in Urdu.   

Quran with Urdu Translation

Statistics show that many Muslims all over the world now speak Urdu. As we want to reach the most people in the Muslim ummah, we offer courses to learn Quran Online with an Urdu translation. Many Muslims in different countries speak Urdu and want to know what the Holy Quran says. 

It’s an excellent chance for them to learn the Holy Quran with Translation online while staying home. We offer this course in many countries, including the UK, USA, and Canada. People who speak Urdu have moved to many different places around the world. So, we started this online project to make it easier for everyone to teach the Quran with Translation.

Importance of Quran Learning In Urdu

As a Muslim, it’s essential to read and think about what each word means in your language. During namaz, we recite Quran verses, so we should know what each word means and what we are praying for. We should also know what each word means to focus better when we pray. If we knew what the Quran meant, it would be easier to learn it. 

We can learn quickly because of it. We promise that we will help our students to learn it. It helps us gain positive reviews, which is why we are one of the most reached Quran academies Worldwide. Even though we help our students online, we help them in every way we can.

So, get in touch with us and Learn Quran Online from our professional tutors. You can avail of this course by availing of your 3 day trial class right now!

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