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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Shia Quran Online

We’re glad to have you here. You can all use our services whenever and wherever you want. We’re glad you’re here. We treat everyone with respect—especially those who use our online Quran services and join them from anywhere. So, there are a few rules that everyone who uses Shia Quran Online’s online Quran services should follow. So, please read these terms and conditions carefully because by agreeing to them, you agree to be bound by them.

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Basic Quran Reading

How Can You Avail of Free Trail Classes?

Fill out the form for FREE trial classes if you want to learn Quran online or use any other online Islamic service. You will never be able to take online Quran classes if you don’t fill out that form.

If the FREE trials go well, I want to decide whether to keep taking Quran classes with Shia Quran Online.

Once you take Quran classes every week at Shia Quran Online, you must fill out the registration form and include all the necessary information. If you don’t fill out the registration form, we won’t count you as an online Quran student.

Fee Structure Policies of Online Quran Course

Once you decide to continue your online Quran classes, you must pay the fee on the due date. In the last week of every month, the next month’s Quran fees would be paid in advance. We can put your classes on hold if fees aren’t paid by the due date.


Shia Quran Online has the right to stop and pause classes if the fees haven’t been paid for more than ten days, even if there’s no reason, notice, or justification. Depending on what was going on and Shia Quran Online’s rules, online Quran fees could be different at that time.



Suppose you want to simultaneously continue your online Quran classes with the same teacher. In that case, you will have to pay the full fee per student to reschedule and book your classes with the same teacher by rescheduling the classes of other students. Unfortunately, we can’t help another student during that time. According to its terms of service and conditions, Shia Quran Online will raise every student’s fee from what it is now at the end of the year.

Online Quran Classes Terms and Conditions

  • If a student needs to miss a class, they have to let their teacher know 5 hours in advance through Skype, Zoom, or email. It is to make sure they get a make-up class.
  • If a student misses class because of something they did, we are not required to set up make-up classes.
  • If a student misses more than five days of school, they can’t make up the work because our online Quran teachers have full schedules and can’t fit in make-up classes.
  • Suppose the students don’t tell the teacher or administrator. And if you don’t tell anyone you won’t be in class (except in an emergency), you won’t get a make-up class or a refund.
  • From the Shia Quran Online side, Eid holidays are paid time off. And there is no way to get a refund or make up the class. Because the only time our Quran teachers get time off is for Eid.
  • If parents or students tell the teacher or Admin ahead of time, students can make up classes for classes they missed, but they won’t get a refund.
  • Shia Quran Online can cancel their classes if a student doesn’t show up to class for more than ten days without warning. From the side of the academy, no request would be okay.
  • Your make-up classes will be set up with any available teacher, whether the same teacher or a different one.
  • Our policies say that Shia Quran Online can change teachers anytime to ensure they get the best possible training. We teach the Quran well and prefer to do so.
  • We will find new people to teach the Quran if, after the teacher leaves or is fired, the students are not allowed to keep in touch with anyone. Shia Quran Online won’t be responsible for any damage or loss caused by such contacts in the future.

We Do Not Share Your Personal Information With Anyone

We do our best to keep our customers safe and care for them. We have a policy about the privacy of our customers. We protect both personal and non-personal information about them. So, customers are also asked not to share information with teachers, such as their phone number, home number, email address, address, social media accounts, Skype account, credit card information, etc.

Never tell a teacher how to reach you or how to pay you. Because Shia Quran Online won’t be responsible if your data gets damaged or lost in the future. And those students should be kicked out of school so they won’t have any more classes.

If a teacher needs information, they can get in touch with the Admin team of this academy.

All students and parents who use our services must agree to these terms and conditions. We can also change our terms and policy. On the website, there would also be informed about changes.