Shia Quran Academy



 Every Muslim needs to recite Quran. But, to begin the recitation of the Quran, you must have to start with Qaida. It is divided into chapters, from basic pronunciation to reciting with Tajweed. For this purpose, we offer basic Qaida reading with tajweed. We provide this course for momineen of all Ages and Gender. So if you are searching for the most reliable online Noorani Qaida course teacher, you should choose Shia Quran Online. We have professional tutors who will guide you to learn step-by-step basic Quran.

Who Can Take The Course?

This basic Qaida reading with tajweed is a course for beginners. If you are Muslim and want to learn the Quran, you must start with basic Noorani Qaida. It is a complete step-by-step guide for those who wish to read the Quran. If you want your kid to learn the Quran, join our hands. Shia Online Quran is based on Fiqah Jafferia. Our syllabus of Islamic studies is designed for all ages. So you can take the course to start learning Quran with us. 

What Do We Teach?

Shia Quran Online is a well-known Islamic study-based platform. We have professional teachers for Online Quran teaching. We guide our clients to read the Quran with basic rules of the Arabic alphabet and pronunciations. Our skilled Islamic scholar will teach you the Yassarnal Quran Tajweed course online. We will make you fluent in pronouncing Quran with the correct Makharij. With the guidance of knowledgeable teachers, they will guide you for all five areas of the throat and mouth for originating the letters. They will also teach students about Maddah, Damma, Fatha, And Kasrah.